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SQL Undercover Agent Double Oh No 7

So you are getting 1337sauce with your security, removing nubs from their previous sysadmin roles to public with explicit permission to objects like you should…maybe even locking down developers since they are just that and not admins?

You may run into a case where a developer needs to access the SQL Agent but when they use Management Studio its….gone?

Right, cause you locked them down hard. Very nice.

Youll need to give them a mapping to msdb and put them in the SQLAgentOperator Role. This should be enough privelages on a development server for those code monkeys.


Blocking IP Addresses – Windows Server 2003

First off…I wouldn’t recommend having a sql server that is accessible from the outside world.

In my case though I have a development server that I run from a partners network. Somewhere down the line some one or “some many” have run a scan and found this out. So my logs are filling up with password attempts.

Start -> Run -> MMC

Add the RRAS snap.

Go to IP Routing -> General -> Properties of your network adapter

Create new inbound filters with the offending IP Address using as the mask, make sure the default option “Receive all Packets EXCEPT…”