Codepimp ‘dot’ org is the resurrection of an old site that the crew used to host for anything related to engineering (and sometimes anything completely unrelated to engineering).  We lost the domain and for a few years someone else had to tried to run the site, and eventually, they lost it (kind of like the ring of power).  Codepimp ‘dot’ org is back with the original owners and hopefully it will stay that way.

dbassassin is the public moniker for Tim M. Hidalgo.

I’ve been in the field of Information Technology for 13 years; starting as a Repair Technician, moving up into Software Engineering, IT Management, and Database Administration.  My passion for all areas of Information Technology have driven me to continue increasing my scope of expertise.  dbassassin is a way for me to continually present and document research and knowledge that I gain from my journeys.

I hope that you can enjoy some of the posts and leave constructive feedback.