October 9th 2013 – Red Gate SQL in the City! Hells yes

Are you going?  I am, and I’m pretty excited about it.  Here is the list of topics I intend to sit in on, and my reasoning:

Query Performance Tuning in the Cloud – Dude, Grant Fitchey talks performance tuning?  Nuff said

Database Build and Release – Ok, during a blizzard of interviews one of the frequently discussed topics was the development lifecycle with SQL and the release process.  Because this has almost always been handled by Development departments and Database Developers I haven’t had much exposure to SQL specific solutions.  I’m hoping this will be a great learning experience.

Best Practices for Database Deployment – Did you read the above reasoning?  k then this is the same.

The Encryption Primer – Well, the other topic at this time is core monitoring with SQL Monitor, and as humbly as I can say this…I am pro with SQL Monitor.  This is a great chance for me to get to know encryption methods, I’m especially interested in performance impact.

SQL Server Tips and Tricks – This is a gamble, something tells me to sit in on the backup and recovery session, but I really want to know what the grab bag of tips n tricks will hold.

Automating Common DBA Tasks – Nuff said.  Automation is the key to making life great, and the key to protecting multiple databases across multiple servers.

So there you have it, I’ll be taking notes and posting about the sessions afterwards (possibly days afterwards).

If any of you loyal and frequent readers attend, hit me up.  You can usually spot me easily in a crowd due to some very elaborate tattoos.


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