When are you too paranoid…

So alerts are good?  I’m glad we agree on that.  When are alerts too good?  Ok, there may be a distribution list where emails go to various people in the company who should also be worried if there is a database issue.

I could probably elaborate but then I’m wasting my text…many and plentiful alerts are very good for a DBA.  We all know (those of you who know), that DBA is considered one of the most stressful IT positions you can hold (it is, so shutup).   We find the “database” is always the culprit, regardless of clustered systems where failover occurs and users don’t even know, it’s still quickly the database.

Use alerts wisely, what alerts do only you need to see?  what alerts does the CTO need to see?  What alerts require the help of your network engineer?

Operators are easy to define, alerts are easier to route…here is a good place to start in order to be paranoid…sleep easy…shine brightly…and get help when needed.



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