DB Assassin goes back to MSSQL lol

It’s been an odd year for me, the first year in many where job stability is something I’m not completely secure with.  I have started my 3rd position this year (earlier I finished a position I had for 3 years, then scored the mysql admin position for a few months…then they decided they were eliminating the need for a DBA…and now finally at what I consider a dream job)

My new position, I’m the DBA for a EMR Software company and I report directly to the CTO.  This is most excellent as I’m not very fond of middle management.  That was perk 1.  Perk 2…they gave me my own office…this is is also most definitely rad.  Perk 3…and yes this is a perk…I’m back home with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2. 

I didnt know how much I missed Microsoft SQL Server until I lost it, and went to a much less mature system using MySQL.  I’m not going to dog MySQL, its great for what it does, but as a DBA I find so much more utility in the suite of tools that Microsoft Offers with SQL Server.  I suppose Microsoft SQL Server is just my thing, and I’m a fanboy but I do love it indeed.

Where is this blog going from here….well I’m going to post like I used to, scripts that I’ve found across the internet that have directly benefited me in performing DBA tasks, any errors I come across, and pretty much anything else.

I hope anyone that comes across it enjoys.

End Transmission…

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